Friday, April 19, 2013

Adfocus Nuke is an amazing adfocus bot that can easily make you more than $50 every day. This adfoucs bot can click on your adfocus links all day long and completely naturally. You need to provide this adfocus bot a list of websites, blogs (blogspot or any other) that contain your adfocus links, you will also need to provide it a list of proxies which you can then test and save these proxies using this adfly bot. Another thing you need to choose is the number of threads your using to view the links. The more threads you choose the faster it will click and view the links.

adfocus bot

To get the most out of this adfocus bot, you could install it on all computers in your school, all computers your friends own and you can configure it to run on startup.

In order to download this adfocus bot you will need to complete a short offer (takes most 5 minutes to complete) and when you do it, the download will unlock. This is due to the fact that Adfocus Nuke is free and I get a couple of dimes for sharing it. So, don't turn away, when you complete the offer you will get an amazing reward!